Rib Rebuild

DAMAGED TREAD PLATES — SCORES AND CHIPS Using a molecular compound, Escalator, Travelator and People Conveyor damaged ribs can be restored In-situ and the unit returned back into service within eight hours. Escalator Safety recommend using the Tread Brush Cleaner to prevent tread plate channel and coating abrasion. Tread Plate Rib Rebuild is a Patent Pending Non Heat System and comes with 12 Months warranty (excludes impact and abrasion).


Rib Rebuild Score

This service repairs ‘scored’ damage where a metal object has been jammed in the comb plate. For example a dropped screw: The rib profile of the tread plate is ground away over time as the unit continues to rotate around as normal, leaving a sharp edge.

A Score can also be a burred edge that can catch clothing, footwear, cords and shoe laces which may lead to personal injury.

Rib Rebuild Chip

Rebuild broken or damaged rib treads on Travelators/Escalators caused through impact or objects snapping the rib profile making it unsafe or hazardous for public use.

Repairs 1< > 50mm in length or 50-90mm in length (depending on damage).

*Tread Plate Rib Rebuild cannot be applied to hollow tread plates.