About Us

Escalator Safety Services (ESS) was established in 2009 due to an increase in demand to resolve serious OH&S and Compliance issues surrounding Escalators and Travelators. The high number of safety incidents and injuries reported to Worksafe has seen the need for investment in safety initiatives to assist in reducing major public liability concerns.

ESS is Melbourne, Australia based, however travel Australia wide and International to complete all works.

CM3 and Browz certified and approved, and provide products and services through all Service Providers.

General wear and tear, slippery surfaces as well as objects being dropped and caught in comb plates has seen an increase in slip, trip and fall incidents, lacerations and abrasions on passengers. Slips, trips and falls have become one of the main health and safety risks in our community and the most expensive occupational health and safety cost for business and industry. Injuries from falls are estimated to cost the Australian society more than $2.36 billion each year.

Falls, including slips and trips were the cause of just over one half (51%) of all injuries. While many of these injuries were the result of simple slips, trips or falls, others were the result of a particular action or related to the use of a particular product. Walking or running on the escalator, taking a pram on the escalator and inappropriate travelling all resulted in falls, slips or trips on escalators.

This highlights the need to increase awareness of risks associated with these items of plant/machinery.  

We do not offer only safety products, we offer safety solutions to reduce the risk on your site ‘one step at a time’  

ESS was asked to find an In-situ solution to the below hazards and these products were developed:

Sharp, scored, chipped and worn step ribs causing pinch points and knife blade like risk.

These can be repaired with our Rib Rebuild In-situ service – RIB REBUILD SCORE and RIB REBUILD CHIP without the excessive cost of replacing the steps.

No traction on steps causing slip, trip and fall hazard.

Our TREAD SAFETY GRIP is applied In-situ to improve the level of safety of pedestrians on wet and dry escalators and travelators.

Poor general awareness of staff and the general public to risks associated whilst riding escalators. LANDING PLATE DECALS and SAFETY DECALS were developed to raise awareness and highlight those issues surrounding escalators and travelators. Standard designs are available and we can also work with you to develop a site specific sticker with customer’s logo.

Step Channel abrasion from inappropriate cleaning methods

TREAD BRUSH CLEANER UNIT – Our light weight step brush cleaner has been developed to clean steps and pallets without jeopardizing the structural integrity.

ESS have evolved from our humbling beginnings into an international goods and service provider under the guidance of Krista and Mark Cramer. ESS is serious about accident prevention and we understand that the safety of staff and visitors in your work place is of critical importance. Risk assessments are provided to alert our customers of the risks associated with their escalators and travelators with recommendations for improvements.

We also offer other products and services and are always happy to work with our customers to develop a solution to any hazard that may exist.