Overseas: International Market


Escalator Safety Services (Australia) are seeking a Service Provider or Moving Walk Contractor to purchase their Tread Safety Grip and/or Rib Rebuild Restoration Systems for the international market.

Tread Safety Grip and Rib Rebuild systems within Australia is serviced by Escalator Safety Pty Ltd to Service Providers and Corporations with regular applications within Airports, Railways and Shopping Centres and has proven to be highly successful and profitable.


Systems Packages incorporate the following:

Equipment and Training, Patent agreement, Technical and Operations support and a Legal Agreement for either State or Regional boundaries.


The system provides the following benefits:

  • Both services are completed “In-Situ” – No downtime or interruption to the facility.
  • Tooling fits all Escalator/Travelator or Conveyor tread plates – Width, length or speed.
  • Restores rib/fin to compliance.
  • Used by major service providers in Australia – Eg; Schindler, Otis, Kone, ThyssenKrupp, etc
  • Provides a fast service for emergencies, non-compliance issues and public safety.


For further information or assistance to purchase the rights for the Tread Safety Grip and/or Rib Rebuild Restoration Systems, please contact us via the Contact Us page.