Maintenance Services

Servicing Escalators and Travelators are essential to ensure the units are working efficiently and safely.

Escalator Safety provide service maintenance to Escalators and Travelators for Service Providers only Australia Wide.

Please note, ESS are not limited to only the below maintenance services. Please contact us if you require other services.


Service/Maintenance Detail:


  • Remove and vacuum newel ends, inspect rollers/guides
  • Check entries and exits – functioning correctly
  • Inspect handrail condition
  • Remove skirting and inspect handrail drive and hugger rollers


  • Check for Scores and Chips
  • Check Comb Plates and clean if required
  • Inspect Stop Buttons
  • Inspect Comb lights

Landing Plates

  • Check if broken, sitting level
  • Clean Pits


  • Remove steps and clean green step light
  • Inspect drive chain and lubricate
  • Inspect main tension carriage
  • Check gearbox – oil and top up if needed
  • Grease motor where required



Service Maintenance