NT Handrails

World’s 1st Recyclable Handrail

NT Handrails are an entirely new concept in handrail technology, providing improved performance over the multiple plies of a conventional, mould-cured, rubber handrail. NT Handrails are straighter than other handrails and requires less energy to travel through Escalator drive systems – making it the most energy efficient escalator handrail available.

Smooth tracking ensures optimum alignment and operation of all handrail drive components.

Engineered to meet environmental standards, and are free of ozone depleting substances such as chlorosulphonated rubber compounds and PVCs. With high abrasion resistance, the NT Handrail will retain its surface properties longer than rubber and has lower toxic emissions and smoke density than conventional handrail.

NT Handrails provide many advantages over rubber handrails

  • Durable with a high gloss finish
  • Easy to clean – no harsh solvents required
  • Superior vandalism resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Smooth tracking ensures longer operational life of all handrail & drive components.


Require something different?  Want to see your logo crafted into the handrails?

Not a problem

NT handrails offer permanent Logo or safety signage solutions. Customers can select from a wide variety of preconfigured safety designs and messages, or design their own to meet local code requirements.

Whether applied to the black antimicrobial handrails or custom colour choices, NT Handrail is sure to encourage safe and responsible escalator use.


Our innovative printing technology allows for full colour graphics and high resolution, while our processing techniques permanently bond safety messages to NT handrails.

NT Handrail